There are several styles of Wedding Invitation to choose from.

Invitations can vary widely, depending on how much or how little information you want to include and how you want to include it.

Pocketfolds are the most popular if you have lots of information to include as they hold all the insert cards securely in the pocket.

Flat Card invitations work best if you have a wedding website where all your info is online or for informal weddings where venue details and gift information is not required.

Pocketfold Invitations - as the name suggests these invitations have a pocket to hold extra information cards from RSVP's to Directions and Gift List information. From £3.00 each

Card Style Invitations - these invitations are more of a traditional card and extra information cards are loose inside.  From £2.00 each

Flat Panel Invitations - these invitations are especially good for those on a tight budget, a flat panel card usually without rsvp (includes e-mail or phone number instead). These invitations are very good for evening guests.  From £1.50 each